Welnance collaborates with Government to study the feasibility of developing blockchain systems in Lao PDR

Vientiane, Laos – On January 13, 2022, the Ministry of Technology and Communications and Welnance Company entered into an agreement to bring blockchain technology to the public service in Laos. which will focus on platform development Software/programs and applications to support the administration, administration and provision of services to the government and society such as: Digital ID, E-Resident, E-Finance, E-Health, E-School, E-Government.

Welnance already has its own Token, WEL Coin, listed on multiple platforms such as LBANK, Coinmarketcap, BSCscan, Coingecko and is also tradable on Pancakeswap.

In addition to the issuing of its token, Welnance Defi Platform offers Staking, Yield Farming Pools (https://welnance.finance). Welnance is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Phousy Group, a government-licensed company of the Phousy Group. Lao PDR to conduct a trial of mining digital and is about to open a DEX Platform available to Crypto currency traders all over the world.

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